Thermo Therapy

Thermo Therapy



The application of heat is a component of thermotherapy. A hot pack is the most typical heating device used in rehabilitation.By conduction, hot packs deliver their heat energy to the body. The underlying tissues’ temperature is often elevated by superficial heat up to 1 cm deep. The depth of heat is reduced by the insulating effect of adipose tissue. Commercial hot packs are made of canvas that is often filled with a hydrophilic material and submerged in water heated to 1700°F (770°C). The packs have a 30-minute heat retention time. Local metabolism is boosted by surface heat, and local vasodilatation with hyperemia takes place. Deep tissue layers first experience vasoconstriction, which is then followed by vasodilation. In addition to helping muscles relax, hot packs also numb sensory nerve ends.


The goal of thermotherapy is to change the targeted area’s tissue temperature in order to trigger a desired biological reaction. The increase in skin/soft tissue temperature causes the

Vasodilatation-induced increases in blood flow.

Increases the intake of oxygen, speeding up tissue healing

increases the metabolic rate,

increases the extensibility of the tissue,


Hot Packs, Wax Baths, Towels, Sunlights, Saunas, Heat wraps, and Steam Baths/Rooms are all methods for heating tissues. Through electrotherapy, we can also reach deeper tissues with heat (Ultrasound). It should not burn and be at a pleasant temperature. Patients with neurological and musculoskeletal issues can get pain reduction through exercise in warm water. The warmth improves blood flow, relaxes the muscles, and lessens discomfort by lowering peripheral edoema.


  • The osteoarthritis.
  • Sprains and sprains.
  • It’s called tendonitis.
  • Before engaging in an activity, warming up tight muscles or tissue.
  • Relieving subacute or chronic traumatic and inflammatory diseases, lower back, neck, or back injury-related pain or spasms.
  • Before electrical stimulation, preheating.


  • A recent injury.
  • Wounds with open borders.
  • Conditions with acute inflammation.
  • If a fever has already been detected.
  • Metastasis of cancerous tumours.
  • Locations where there is current bleeding.
  • Cardiovascular insufficiency
  • Patient who underwent tissue-targeted x-ray therapy.
  • Disease of the peripheral arteries.
  • If the area is numb and the skin is hot, red, or irritated.
  • Those who suffer from diabetic neuropathy or another illness that lessens heat feelings. In these circumstances, determining when the heat is excessive may be difficult.

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