Month: <span>December 2022</span>

Month: December 2022

Exercise after joint replacement

Exercise after joint replacement Rehab is crucial to effectively returning to a healthy, active lifestyle following joint replacement surgery, so if you’re considering one of these treatments, keep that in mind. In order to gradually enhance balance, flexibility, muscular strength,…

Family Physiotherapist in Bopal

Physiotherapist in Bopal As you may already be aware, a physiotherapist may help you get back on track to enjoying yourself while having pain-free movement, which is necessary to engage in your favourite physical activities and prevent many chronic diseases…

Family physician in Bopal

Family Physician in Bopal Family doctors are uniquely qualified to offer continuing, comprehensive medical treatment to every member of the family because to their special attitudes, abilities, and expertise. A doctor who has completed at least three years of additional…


GALAXY Hospital – Medicine & Critical Care (ICU) I Orthopedics I Physiotherapy” is a 10 bedded hospital in the Heart of Bopal, Ahmedabad, which is dedicated to provide highest level of services in the fields of Internal Medicine & Critical Care, Orthopedics & Physiotherapy.