There is a myth that people who are diagnosed with diabetes cannot eat fruits, and somehow they hesitate to add fruits to their routine diet. They live with fear that eating fruits can increase their blood sugar level because it contains natural sugar. However, this is true at some point. You just need to know the best fruits for diabetes you can eat. Fruits are a good source of fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and all the important nutrients that are crucial to boost immunity, maintaining gut health, and overall health. Apart from these, fruits also contain a type of natural sugar called fructose present in fruits, some studies also claim that adding fruits in your regular diet can cut the risk of diabetes.

There are some fruits that are low in GI ( glycaemic index) and some are high in GI. It just means you need to make a choice on what fruit and in how much quantity you can eat. Once you get the idea of which fruits are suitable as per your blood sugar level, you can consume fruits that are recommended by your diabetologist in Ahmedabad


Can People with Diabetes Consume fruits? 

Here we need to understand that not every food is good for diabetic patients. There are some fruits that can be consumed by people with diabetes, while others are not good for them. All fruits have healthy qualities, even if you have diabetes, they are filled with vitamins, fibers, and antioxidants your body needs. Each fruit has its own benefits and it is recommended to everyone consume fruits on a regular basic, weekly, or seasonal basis. Like any other food, fruits can affect your blood sugar level. Your average blood sugar level or HbA1c can also go up if you experience regular spikes in your blood sugar. Fruit is better or worse it really depends on the amount of sugar that fruit has and where it lies on the glycemic index. 

If you diagnosed with diabetes and you are confused about which food is good for you, then Dr. Kandarp Bhuva at Galaxy Hospital can help you. He is a renowned diabetologist in Ahmedabad


What is the Glycemic Index?

The glycemic index is a rating system that measures how much a particular food contains carbohydrates. People diagnosed with diabetes mainly follow GI to choose the right food for them. It shows how quickly each food affects the blood sugar level. Food with a value of 55 or less has a low glycemic index, food with 6 to 69 has a medium glycemic index and food with a value above 70 has a glycemic index. A diabetic person should consume fruits or any other food with a low to medium glycemic index. 


Which are the 5 Best Fruits for People with Diabetes?  

As per the reports of expert diabetologists around the world, the 5 best fruits for diabetes are Apple, Guava, Melon, Jamun or Indian Blackberry, and Papaya

Why these fruits are good for a diabetic person-

  • All these fruits contain low calories, low fat, and low sodium thus it helps to maintain overall health as compared to other fruits.
  • The sugar level is also very low in these fruits. 
  • The majority of these fruits are a good source of nutrients that our body needs on a regular basis. Folate, Potassium, Vitamin C, Dietary fiber, etc. are examples of such nutrients. 
  • These fruits contain potassium that helps to maintain healthy blood pressure. 
  • It is always advisable to consume whole fruits, not juice. It gives a feeling of fullness with low calories. 
  • Dietary fibers, improves the digestion system, increases metabolism and it lowers blood cholesterol level and the risk of heart disease. 
  • Guava and other citrus fruits contain an abundance of Vitamin C which helps with tissue growth and repair, maintaining healthy teeth and gums, wound healing, and improving the immune system.  
  • Folate( vitamin B9) which aids in the production of red blood cells, citrus fruits, apples, papaya, and Jamun contains abundant Folate. 


Which are the 5 Fruits that should be avoided by Diabetic people? 

People with diabetes can consume any fruit. However, there are some fruits that are advisable to be eaten in smaller quantities or less frequently. Mango, Pineapple, Banana, Chikoo, Grapes, 

Why you should avoid these fruits: The sugar level is usually high in these fruits and it increases the blood sugar level. People who are diagnosed with diabetes need to check their sugar intake to avoid spikes in blood sugar.



Get expert advice from Diabetologist in Ahmedabad

A well-known Diabetologist in Ahmedabad- Dr. Kandarp Bhuva always suggests their patients monitor their sugar intake. 

If you take small quantities or one or two slices of these fruits it is not harmful but large quantities or regular consumption can raise the sugar levels. If you want to maintain sugar level in your body it is fine if you take these fruits in the intervals between meals. 

Adding fruit to your diet is a sign of a healthy diet for people with diabetes. The body of every person with diabetes responds differently to the consumption of fruits. The carbohydrates that fruits contain should be treated differently than carbohydrates in the form of added sugar.  

Check your blood glucose to see the effect of these fruits on your blood sugar level. If you want to add fruits to your daily diet use a continuous sugar monitor sensor, and you can easily see how each fruit affects your glucose level.


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